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Re: Torsens not in racing

> Be very careful quoting torsens in racing.  Torsens didn't run until 1984.
> Early Urq's used either lockers locked, or no diff at all, just locked 50/50.
> The rest of your Torsen "used" doesn't have documentation.  If you look up the
> specs of all the cars since 1981, you will find only references to Torsens
> spec'd as : "Torsen or Locker or..." amongst several "used".  The only real
> documentation of Torsen is in the S1, that was supposed to be the ace in the
> hole.  And quickly died, never really accepted.
> Posting this up really is misinformation.  Anyone is welcome to provide
> documentation of torsen use.  To say it's limited, would be an understatement,
> since few really looking into this in detail, find much.  If you know
> something more, please do direct us, Greg.  Right now, you are not correct in
> your assumptions of torsen use.  Your family so noted.
> I believe you are combining torsen with awd.  Not the same sir.
> Scott Justusson

Would you provide us with info that torsen was not used in the the
events that the others have posted and/or was not successful. It is very
easy to say "I do not believe it. You are wrong. The info you provide is
wrong". Prove it.

Following the same logic and attitude I can say that you "Imagined the
byte" and it does not exist and so on. You want the others to consider
what you have to say, but would not do the same for what they have to
say. Disregarding everything that contradicts your theory is not the
way to come to an agreement on the torsen subject. You also seem to
generate a lot of email that does not have any real contribution to the
discussion and generally this is considered SPAM. I have followed this
spider byte torsen tread for 2.5 months now and do not understand how we
kept it going for so long  Maybe you are right, but you can not prove it
with plethora of inconclusive evidence and round robin diatribes. 
If agreeing with your theory is what it takes I will agree just to end
this and get on with life.

Best Regards

Stilian Elenkov