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Re: back problems

Hey there Sarge,

Same thing happened to me once...chick in Jeep Cherokee used me as a bumper
car.  My advice.....

The car should be fixed on her insurance bill with every little part
needed.  If you want to pocket the money and only do the major cosmetic
repairs, no biggie, but your car looks too good to not do it all.

As for you.....GO TO THE DOCTOR.  I can not stress this enough.  Her
insurance company will gladly pay you.  I always thought the "I'm hurt"
stuff was crap, and much of it probably is, but I'll give you my story.  I
had no injuries at all, except that I got slammed into the seat like a
linebacker hit me.  Two days later at work....blinding pain shot up through
my neck.  I couldn't relieve the pain...felt like my head was a bowling
ball balancing on a toothpick.  I got a couple of these blast of
pain...almost like a white-out.  Started sweating.  Had to be helped to the
floor to lay down...only way to take the pressure off my neck.  The pain
went away, I saw a doctor...pinched nerve...no real remedy.  My neck now
has those funny kind of crackles if I try to turn really far one way or the
other.  Moral of the story...go to the doctor, have an X-ray, get some
treatment before it rears its ugly head, and let the woman's insurance do
what they are supposed to do.  They will want to pay you some money so you
won't sue them in the future.  Good luck.  -Wendell