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Re: Torsen Stuff

Michael Williams <daserde@ucla.edu> wrote:

>Right, but according to Christopher Morlock, this is a horrible system
>because its just 4wd with no torque transfer and is backwards and way too
>simplistic to be any good...

>can you tell im pissed at him?

Is this the same guy who was with us on Pikes Peak last year? About the
only one in the ENTIRE crowd on the mountain who wasn't having any fun, and
tried his best to make everyone around him feel the same? Who ended up
being so busy with his feelings of discontent that he forgot to drink, and
got dehydrated enough to be taken down by the paramedics heli?

I don't blame you.


PS Please guys, could you turn the Torsen thread down one notch? I'm
getting tired of just hitting 'page down' and not finding anything but
Torsen discussions (I'm on the digest version). It's getting so bad I'm
close to uns*bscr*bing. Back to our regular scheduled programme? ;-)