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Re: A6 Buyer's Remorse?

Gary Mayne wrote:

> One thing for sure: while the technical arguments of the Torsen
> thread are a bit beyond me at this point, I did get to drive the new
> A6 in a late Colorado spring snowstorm and it's performance amazed me.
> Clearly superior to my 325i which would have been all over the road
> even with Blizzaks all around. I was probably the only car out that
> sloppy night for a joy ride.
> Gary Mayne


Enjoy your new car, it is a wonderful choice.  The thread on torsens has
been blown way out of proportion and unless you think you are an
Andretti, what is being discussed will not show up, that is assuming it
is real.  Don't give it a second thought.  Did you sell your BMW in
Chicago?  I understand that they like those up there.  ;-).

I am jealous the A6 is a beautiful car and I hope you truly enjoy it.


90 V8 not a torsen but just as dangerous