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RE: Help on Audi Books

"DRoxburgh" <droxburgh@email.msn.com>
> I have just bought an '88 UK - yes with torsen! - Ur-quattro, and want to
> know if this is covered by the Bentley Manual (88-91 Coupe quattro etc).
> If not where is it covered, or will this manual give me most of the
> useful things....

Congrats!  I don't think that Bentley covers your car, but I'm guessing.

> Buy the way, why do all of you in the land on the 55mph limit worry 
> anyway? From the mail, it seems all you are doing is winding your windows 
> down and driving in circles in car parks.... this could account for the tyre wear, 
> overheating and 38mpg....... good place to drive the ex-demonstrator though....

Land of the 55mph limit?  We used to have a federal speed limit, but that 
was repealed.  Some areas have speed limits up to 70, and others have 
"whatever's reasonable".

Where I live tho', it's pretty much 55 on the freeway, which is most of 
the time, but not always, too slow.