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Re: Randall

In a message dated 98-05-06 14:10:39 EDT, you write:

<< Dan, I beg you to intervene and stop this thread.  It seems that I am not
 on this.
 Scott,  Let it die you have killed this horse many times over.  Move on.  We
 not adding anything new to the discussions except insults.
 My delete is broken ;-)
And I just see similar posts from Stilian as you have so documented.  I only
fire when fired upon, and you of all know this.  A thread dying is not a post
to me or Dan, that is to the list.  With your proposal, I see stopping this
thread with no concensus as to the understanding of a torsen, it's character,
and it's operation in a turn.  That could be in your best interest Randall.  I
don't agree it's mine OR the rest of the list.  

Since 1988 EVERY single audi (save a couple v8 autos) have Torsen Center
Differentials.  The relavency of this topic to the list can be no higher, in
fact, it could be said, there have been none here higher in relavency, period.
Why?  Cuz it's obvious that, even with ALL the information available, few
understand the relavency of a torsen center in a car that what, 78% of folks
on this list own.

Come on Randall.  I encourage delete, I rarely snip topics, however dumb I
feel they may be (FI: Oils and Waxes), yours included, so documented.  Topics
die when there is no more to say.  Here, this is hardly my or Jeff G's
"fault".  Before you hit the delete key too many more times, might I direct
you to read Jeff's explanation of Torsen Bite, you might have missed it with
all your deletions, and it is quite good.  Not adding anything new?  I believe
the post to be very new and clear and thoughtful, and without malice (and so
stated).  Returning fire?  For severalyears here, I only fire with the same
caliber as fired upon, my modus, and you know it.  So do many here.  To single
out my post as "insulting", I would argue is being rather selective, given the
Stilian primary offensive lob.  

I presume this post to mean that you understand the Torsen in your v8 Randall.
That's great!  Let the others speak.  The fact that Jeff and I are the
'responders' doesn't change the relavency of the topic.  Stilian's posts are
hardly the reason to request intervention by Dan.  Stilian came out,
underinformed (one could argue just plain wrong if you read his understanding
of "Torsens in Urq's"), and on the offensive.  Hardly a new tone for this
list, you know that, and hardly necessary given his understanding of his own

I think a delete key is on thy keyboard, and more appropriate for your
objection.  Given the rights of others in this discussion.  

Scott Justusson