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Plea for mercy

OK guys, I'm askin' ya nice - heck - you win - I'm BEGGING . . .

PUUUUHHHHHHLLLEEEEEEZZZZZEEEEEEEEEE can we move past the infamous Torsen
Torture Techfest???????????

This has become so utterly arcane as to defy my meager powers of
description, and seems to have degenerated into a "my ego's bigger than
your ego!" flamefest.

I'm really saddened to see some of our list's very best "heavy hitters",
people with real contributions to make, get so wound up in this very minor,
extremely technical point that all else falls by the wayside. C'mon guys,
can't we just agree to disagree? It isn't like this controversy will make
or break Audi, will cost us major money to keep our cars running, might be
the only true path to health, happiness, positive cash flow and finally
being able to go off Viagra with no ill effects - IT SIMPLY DOESN"T WARRANT

Face it - if you have a Torsen, you're not going to get rid of it. If you
don't, you won't be running out to buy one - SO WHO CARES?????? Fine, they
(may) have some characteristics that we might want to be aware of - OK,
already, we are now WELL ADVISED of them, ad nauseum, and if they are not
real, well neither is the Loch Ness Monster, but there's no shortage of
people who claim to have seen that, too.

Now if we can just put the torsen into the washing machine, pump the
control knob to check the bomb, and improve the lights (did I mention the
power window switches?) and get back to Audi automobiles IN TOTO, I promise
to be sit down and be quiet. 

Gimme a break, fellas!

</rant mode>

Best Regards,

Mike Arman

P.S. Changed the oil and filter this AM - not about to say what brand
filter or what flavor of oil!!!!!