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NRA Torsens

Geoff writes:
>By analogy: pick up a loaded revolver, point it at your skull. How much
>does a conceptual understanding of gunsmithing, metallurgy, explosives
>and ballistics matter to what happens when you squeeze the trigger? To
>me, it means dear sweet FA. Practical experience will give you a brief
>but meaningful understanding of all you need to know at that point.

Ok, lets use your analogy. When you pick up that gun, you have intent.  You
have target, ammunition, understanding of the device, a trigger, caliber of
bullet, a safety, and a bunch of other variables that affect what will HAPPEN
when you pull the trigger.  At what?  At what cf?  Not totally with you here.

>So, pro tem, let's ignore the arguments about the theory of Torsens. Can
>anyone who firmly believes in spider bite generate a simple, repeatable
>test for inducing the Torsen Terror? Name your road surface, speed,
>weather, whatever, and specify the maneuver which will generate bite
>(and how many repetitions constitute a fair test).

Might I direct you to Jeff's description of the "bite" phenomenon, and YOU
help us with the test.  This is rehash too.  The variables to the bite are in
the archives, a lot are there.  Why?  Cuz the weapon is dumb.  And the shooter
makes it no better at it's mission.  Because the weapon doesn't necessarily
make a bullseye, even when fired the same way a dozen times.  Darn those

This is an experience issue.  Those that have vs those that haven't been
bitten.  Help us.  That is what we are looking for here (selfish folks really,
Jeff and I).  The basics of the weapon are known entities.  The effect of that
weapon on chassis dynamics of a turn aren't well known.  Having no consensus
of the theory of the weapon seems like a premature misfire.

Appreciate you looking at Jeff's description and you helping US with the test.
We could always take two lap times at steamboat, a 200 10vt and a 5000tqt, one
with and absolute traction device, one with a locker.  My watch hasn't shown
the absolute traction device to be close to the locker.  Maybe a better
"target" (test) would be in order.  

... Or changing the caliber of my watch.

Scott Justusson