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Motivation - help me.

A private note to me writes:
> I think that 3 reported incidents out of how many
> torsens on this list is a pretty good estimate of how infrequent they occur.
> joe schmo normal driver has nothing to fear.  Plus as an Audi instructor you
 >should be figuring out how to instruct those that have torsens about proper
> technique and it sounds like no trail-braking would be a good start.

No, how bout a more complicated instructor problem, (btw, I teach no trail
braking ALL the time - that's pretty advanced stuff).  The more serious
problem as an instructor, is what happens when all these students who have the
same 90% nonevent torsen confidence, suddenly overcook a turn and find spiders
in their laps.  Possible?  You betcha man, at 7/10ths or 10/10ths or 11/10ths,
by even Dave E's "at the threshold" definition.  What should I teach em?  At
Grattan a major source of discussions amongst the instructors.  My advice,
foot on the gas, straighten wheel.  Why?  Cuz nothing but grass and more track
is on the other side of any apex at Grattan. And a lot of peagravel on the
outside of the track, that with a spider sliding quattro, results in a roll.
Steamboat?  Same advice, the least amount of damage will occur with a front
end whack (a move Ben, Valerie demonstrated a dozen times flawlessly:)  Fine
for these tracks, how 'bout when it rains at Mid OH?  You want to help me as
an instructor.  Fine, I need more than "no trail-braking".  We are way past
that concept here.  

We could hope, that busting audi on their own knowlege (6 speeds, non torsens
and awesome brakes in racing) could make a better street car.  Influencing the
decision making process of what we get.  Not being passive buyers with subpar
toys.   Doubt they'd pay attention to the oil discussions or the best wax for
the shine.  This is different.  

I might argue that this list is more informed about torsens than ANY other
group of folks, with or without torsen centers.  Good or Bad?  I could also
argue, as is the nature of this list, that this list has more misinformation
about torsens than ANY other group of folks, with or without torsen centers.
Good or Bad?  I sure would like to be a better teacher.  Don't whack me, help

Scott Justusson