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How fast is a chipped* A4 1.8TQ?

Hi all,

I am *considering* replacing my 944T with an A4 1.8TQ.
Needless to say I am used to driving a very fast car every day.
With the chip upgrade how fast is the A4?
What kind of stress can the motor handle?
I briefly drove a stock one and it was not as fast as I'd like but I did
really enjoy the car.
I just need to ask myself if I'll miss the power too much.
Appreciate any comments.

Marc Gelefsky
86 4K CS quattro
86 Carrera Targa
88 944 Turbo -Chipped and very, very fast and getting a $1500+ clutch
job :(

P.S. Thanks to those who responded to my radio wiring post