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Since it is obvious that my 91CQ POS is virtually worthless, I have come up with an option to selling it.  I want to
convert it to 2WD:
- I'm sick of being the one who always has to drive at our ski cabin.  It really interferes with my drinking schedule.
- I try to be careful and drive 25 in snow, but what with that damm false security it too often turns into 60.
- I really miss putting chains on everytime a couple snowflakes hit the windshield
- driving is downright boring without FWD torque-steer and that exciting understeer at limits of traction.
- As an engineer I can't accept driving a less than perfect machine
- spiders give me the creeps

I figure going to a tranverse-mount 4-cyl. from a Honda Accord would also get past the limitations of the lousy 20V
powerplant, and solve that horrible F/R weight bias problem at the same time.  I know an Audi powerplant would probably
fit better, but if it took this long for the inferior drivetrain to become understood, why take a chance?  Besides with
an Accord powertrain, I can tape a coffee can to the end of the exhaust and fit right in cruising the strip.

So if anyone has a line on an engine and FWD drivetrain please let me know ASAP.  I'm in a hurry to get this done for
obvious reasons, so I'm willing to spend whatever it takes.  Now that I've spilled the beans, I'm sure others will want
to follow in my footsteps, so I'll put up a webpage and post instructions and pictures as my project moves forward.

Matt Rooke

>You better hurry and sell them now while you have the chance.  Once the word
>gets out resale values are going to drop.  After all the quattro is a "dumb"
>device that has no real world advantages.  It is no better in the snow and
>that extra security you feel on the road is just your imagination.  They are
>heavy ban-aids that are just compensation for a very poor chassis.  Now just
>recently I learned my locker is also a very poor design so I have decided to
>sell it.  After all it is next to worthless now.  All the work and trouble for
>nothing.  Boy do I feel stupid.  And talk about masochists the people who told
>me this own them themselves.  They must be really confused.
>My only hope is to sell it before everyone finds out.
>I think that the 91 coupe 20v is the worst offender so those of you who own
>them you better sell them for cheap and in a hurry.