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FW: 4K for sale, price reduced!

forwarded from the NW list...

>Date: Wed, 6 May 1998 09:37:17 -0700
>Reply-To: Alex@onanshipping.com
>Sender: AUDI-NW-owner@u.washington.edu
>From: "Alex Neckas" <Alex@onanshipping.com>
>To: "northwest audi enthusiasts" <audi-nw@u.washington.edu>
>Subject: 4K for sale, price reduced!
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>X-Cc: "Stamm, Richard" <richard.stamm@attws.com>
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>Sorry for the interruption, and no it doesn't have 20 valves but for 
>those looking for a beauty. . .
>*** Price Reduced to $5,500 ***
>87-4KCSQ.  $6000.  Absolutely beautiful, positively fast.  A west
>coast car that truly turns heads.  Mechanically excellent.  Car
>completely gone through last month. Champaign Silver/silver-gray
>velour.  Both in beautiful condition. 5 speed, with new 268 CAM.
>Cockpit adjustable AVS variable power chip. Ported airbox, with K&N,
>Borla exhaust  Cat-back. New Concord LT1 5 spoke alloy wheels with
>Dunlops. (300 miles on tires and wheels) Power roof, windows, locks,
>air, Blau- FM Cassette. 130,000 mostly freeway miles. Water pump and
>timing belt recently changed.   A 'must see' and 'must drive' to be
>truly appreciated. 
> richard.stamm@attws.com or 206 363-9041 evenings. (Seattle)  Serious
>inquiries only.
>Al Swackhammer worked on the car a couple of weeks ago and has agreed
>to give his opinion.  He car be contacted at home (206)546-3313 or
>email him at a24k4x4@aol.com.
>Now back to our regularly scheduled program, already in progress. . .
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