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Re: V8 for sale

Ok, that's it. I'm so scared of spiders that I'm selling my V8. Damn
that Torsen!..   Seriously though, sad as it is, I need to sell the V8
because there's a  pearl 91 200 tqw in the garage. It's so beautiful
that the 97 C230 sleeps outside now. Anyway, the V8 is essentially
well-cared for stock: titanium/titanium, late 1990 , 87k miles. brand
new BFG VR's, new brake pads all around (non-pulsing ufo's,) K & N,
Alpine detach CD, integ phone, etc. "List" price is $ 11,500 . Serious
buyers email me at copley@snet.net.  Thank you for your time.