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Re: Chrysler

>See reports that Chrysler may be either merging with or getting
>swallowed by Daimler-Benz.  I have sewn a black band around the flag
>in my Mopar garage.  Thoughts of those talkative, helpful Renntech
>boys [nay] fiddling with tools that touched the hemi makes me ill
>indeed.  Oh well, evolution can be a bitc*.

Have you ever heard the song by the Surfaris...You Can't Boss My Boss
Barracuda Around?

>Now, if only Chevy could find some interest in Audi...a Linginfelter
>LT1...now that would be a V8 that would be worth what some are
>asking...the Audi AllRoadmaster??  Nice ring.

Let's hope that common sense never allows any proud German marque to even
think of ever doing anything with anything from General Merchandise.