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(OFF TOPIC) re: NRA Torsens

> Geoff writes:
> >By analogy: pick up a loaded revolver, point it at your skull.
> You have target, ammunition, understanding of the device, a trigger,
> caliber of bullet, a safety, and a bunch of other variables that affect
> what will HAPPEN when you pull the trigger.

I'm definitely not trying to step into any discussion regarding torsens, 
but I wanted to mention that the vast majority of revolvers do not have a
safety.  (and I only say "vast majority" because the internet is too big 
for absolutes)

Sorry for the off-topic response, but there is a _great_ deal of 
mis-information out in the world lately about guns, and I always try to do 
what I can to do help it.  (I've got more than one hobby)  :-)