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Re: Torsen in Racing

scott, are you just trying to be obtuse here?

the sport did not race with the torsen.  the car was a pig.  everyone hated it.
 walter rohrl included.  it's big problem was that it didn't turn, and
understeered like a pig.  it most likely had a central locker :-)))).  that was
what was homologated.

just to make that doubly clear: the sport was homologated with a central
locker, and the drivers hated it because it understeered like a pig.  much like
a generation 1 ur-quattro with 12" taken out of the wheelbase, and a locked
centr diff. mmmmmm... sure you want to go here scott???

the evoluton model, the s1, the drivers liked a *lot* more.  it had a number of
tweaks, notably aerodynamics and weight re-distribution that improved it
considerably.  it could now take the jumps that the sport couldn't.  it is now
also apparent that the s1 also had the option of the torsen.

this is from the conversation i had with walter rohrl.

facts again scott, not misinformation.  you seem to have a bit of trouble with
this sometimes...

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q
>Date: Wed, 6 May 1998 07:31:49 EDT
>From: QSHIPQ <QSHIPQ@aol.com>

>Dave writes:
>>the evo model (20-off allowed under group b rules), produced the s1, where
>>could basically do what they liked (and did).  this, according to jouko, was
>>raced with the torsen.  as we all know, the s1 had a pretty short competition
>>history, as audi withdrew from group b before it was banned (in favour of
>>a) at the end of 1985.
>Good story Dave.  Might make the following quote more relavent, given my
>suspicions post of 3 months ago.
>- ---------
>>...  Snip
>*  Just for Sport    Track Test     Car & Conversions Nov '86
>First factory Sport track test of the 'new' Racing Sport Q
>"On the handling of the Sport, which was patently very difficult, whether
>judged from the 1984 passenger seat, or simply spectating, Blomqvist offered
>these illuminating insights:  "It is much, much, much better on the S1 than it
>was before.  The car goes where you steer!  No more understeer, oversteer,
>understeer as you do just one corner!"  
><HELLO, to help understand what he is talking about, read the next report from
>C.S.A '87 report below folks - Sounds like Torsen didn't work to me>
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>Your historical reference sure seems to add significance to my intepretation
>of torsen history.  We could look to the rally results in that year too, and
>see a lot of DNF's due to "Went off" including herr Rohrl.  Torsen bite
>perhaps?  I smile at the thought, Dave.
>Scott Justusson