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Big Grin

Hi listers:

Happy to report that as of Saturday, I will be Q-less no more!  Found a
pearl white '87 5KCSTQ in Ohio via the fine folks at traderonline.com.  One
owner, black interior w/sport seats, 90K (!) miles verified by the original

Drove nine and a half hours to see it (the wild hair hit hard), a beautiful
car, drove like a dream, checked it out as thoroughly as I could.  Only
problems I could spot - please smile on me Audi gods, I do not wish to
incur your wrath! - were the back tires being marginal and the power
antenna wouldn't work.  Bomb and rack recently replaced.  Negotiated the
price and paid the man, then turned right around and drove ELEVEN hours
back to Atlanta (took a shortcut that wasn't).  

Ended up getting only three hours sleep and did the zombie imitation the
next day at work....

I'm headed back up this weekend to pick it up.  So if you are driving the
Interstate between Ohio and Georgia this Saturday, and you see a guy with a
big grin driving a car that meets the above description, honk and wave
'cause it will be me!  I promise I'll wave back!!

-Steve Jensen
(to be Audified this Saturday)
'84 Jetta GLi - many previous smiles, now for sale