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Who makes Audi's CD-changer magazines?

Greetings, All,
		I'd like to get a second (or third...) CD-changer magazine for the S4, but 
the dealer wants a comical $90, and that as a "special order part".
Now, if I recall correctly from my previous Audis, most of them used Blaupunkt 
stereos rebadged as Audi, so perhaps the CD changer is likewise re-badged, ergo 
Sony (or whoever) may make a magazine that fits. So, does anyone know what (if 
any) non-Audi part would be comparable to the CD magazine for a 94 S4 (the 100 
shares the same CD changer), Audi p/n: 4A5-035-210?

TIA, Geoff

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