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Re: Between a rock & a hard place (long)

Well, here is my humble opinion, let is spew forth into the air.  It will
eventually anyway if no one does anything about right?  This law only got
enacted a few years ago; and besides, no one can REALLY prove the greenhouse
effect.  I mean come on, how do you go about telling the planet is really
heating up because of CFCs if they have only been studying for the last 50
years or so. Riduculuous I might add, but that is just my opinion.
After you let release it into the air, rent a vacuum pump.  Vac the car
yourself.  If you don't have an AC adapter, you know the dealy with 2-3
knobs and a couple gauges and 2-3 cords, rent/buy one of those.  Hook one
end up to pump and the other to the compressor and just let it work for
awhile to make sure you suck it down for a real long time.  After you have
had it on for awhile disconnect it quickly so the system stays in a state of
vacuum.  Then take it to a different shop to have em look at it.  The vacuum
that is left on it will help boil all excess water in it and help determine
if you have a leak in it.  He is right though, if he sucks that stuff out,
it will destroy his machine.  My boss says the same thing.

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Date: Wednesday, May 06, 1998 11:45 PM
Subject: Between a rock & a hard place (long)

>OK, List! Ready to handle a problem not involving Torsens, arachnids, or
>the Dark Side? Not having heard  objections, I'll proceed. I added a 1989
>200TQW (Yikes! Torsen! Hide the women and children!) to my stable of
>eccentric, semi-mobile vehicles a while back. I'm deliriously happy with it
>except for one minor niggle: the air conditioner is a little anemic.
>I left the little dear at a well-regarded local radiator/air conditioning
>shop to have the system evacuated, leak-checked, and recharged. Some hours
>later, I was told that nothing could be done with it. It seems I'm firmly
>mired in the land of Catch-22. The shop's analyzer claims the system
>contains a mixture of R-12, R-22, and R-134a refrigerants. The proprietor
>says the system therefore can't be evacuated, because that would
>contaminate his equipment, costing him some tens of thousands of dollars.
>By the same token, the system can't legally be vented to atmosphere,
>because that would do unspeakable things to the "ozone layer" (quotes used
>because there isn't any such thing, but that's another thread).
>So, here I am, a man without a country, so to speak. I'm a certified
>criminal, no matter what I do. The EPA folks I so admire have decreed that
>the only legal refrigerants for mobile use are pure R-12 or pure R-134a, so
>I'm breaking the law everytime I drive the beast. Since nobody will
>evacuate the a/c system for fear of contamination and the system can't be
>vented to atmosphere, the only alternative is to push the car over a cliff
>and walk away.  But no doubt there's a law against that. Oh, what tangled
>webs we weave when first we practice to be politically and environmentally
>Any BTDTs that can save my soul from eternal damnation? I'd really like to
>stay within the law, even if it's stupid. Otherwise, I suppose that engine
>vibration will eventually loosen a fitting and the planet will
>instantaneously become uninhabitable. Small loss; I always wanted to be an
>astronaut anyway.
>Larry Mittell