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Re: shift boot replacement

Sdthrl decided to speak these words:

>Second question regarding my '86 4KCSQ.  This sweetie has 52K orig miles and
>drives like it.  It recently had lower control arm bushings replaced and
>struts all around. (Age related wear)  Before and also after the work, I hear
>a clunking when the steering goes significantly in either direction.  My
>front-end man found nothing amiss, and the original owner said it did the
>clunk noise since new. Has any one else had this "normal" noise? 

Could be a couple things.  Strut bearing is one of the more common ones.  
Also check the bolts that hold the tie rods onto the steering rack.  I 
had them come loose on my coupe and it produced the clunk.  Although, 
along with that was horrible steering, but thats another story...


Michael Sheridan Williams
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1985 4000 S Quattro
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1986 Oceanic Blue (swoon...), 4000CS Quattro
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