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I just wanted a cheap coupe q. ;-)

At this stage I'm not quite sure what the fuss is about.
It seems this argument has gone from Scott and Jeff presenting a theory
which explains their experiences (and many others' experiences) of a torsen
hunt/bite/fooled tshift.  Others say it doesn't happen so Jeff presents the
torsen paper and others say it isn't clear enough on certain points.  So
Jeff contacts one of the designers who says that it can happen and uses a
term to describe the torsen which is very similar to one forwarded by Scott
(dumb device etc.) Now, after the torsen designer confirms that what Scott
and Jeff proposed is indeed possible, the whole thing is dismissed with a
flip of the wrist as being irrelevant because it's
really a tire/wheel and chassis dynamics matter after all ... arrggghhhh!!!
Moreover, people seem to be taking Scott and Jeff's theory about the torsen
as some sort of statement that Audis are defective or dangerous.  I take
their theory to mean that the torsen is a compromise away from pure
performance.  Nothing more and nothing less.

The people who refuse to accept the theory and possibility of a wrong tshift
during a turn
refuse the theory not because of any logical counter-argument but because
they don't want to believe that there could be anything wrong with their
beloved Audi.  Get over it.  Its a piece of steel (or aluminum).  It's not
your manhood.  Or is it?

Matt Pfeffer - 89 200TQW - (a long Audi)