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Re: 92 100CS oil pressure warning - Auto System Check

Hairy green toads from Mars made Scott 20191668 Bermes say:

> Well, if it ain't one thing it's another!  The oil pressure warning on
> my auto check display keeps going off ever since I ran over a blown tire
> tred last month. I took it to the dealer who fixed the engine cover
> under the car, checked the oil level and everything looked ok, but they
> couldn't replicate the warning.
> Last week, the dealer changed the oil on Friday and everthing was fine
> (including a 350 mile drive) until yesterday. Now the warning is going
> off quite a bit. The gague reading is almost at the top reading
> (4.8?)when I am driving and around 1.5-1.8 when stopped.  I am taking it
> to the dealer tomorrow and wanted to know what you all think about what
> they might say.
> Are there sensors under the engine which could have been effected by
> running over the tire treds?  The manual says to not drive the car when
> the warning comes on, but I have driven over 100 miles since the warning
> started yesterday.  Appreciate any info.

Some of the VW's and a few of the Audis I've known have gotten some
hairline cracks in one of the PC boards behind the instrument
cluster that could make the oil warning go off intermittently.

If the pressure's OK there is no problem driving it (as long as
you TRUST your pressure guage).  A minor side-note: Audi decided
to replace the oil pressure guage with a clock in my A6... :-(

There were typically 2 sensors (at least on the I5, haven't
checked my V6) for oil pressure: low pressure and high pressure.
I forget which one is connected to the warning system. Wouldn't
be a waste of time to clean both sets of contacts....


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