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Re: Metal Radiator - 90Q - Source?

At 10:04 AM -0500 5/6/98, John Holt wrote:
>As I have read here in the past, the auxillary radiator on a 90Q can be
>removed without causing overheating. However,  I'm looking at a somewhat
>leaking main radiator in the plastic(ABS?) area so I'm considering
>replacing it with a Modine all-metal radiator.
>Has anyone BTDT and put a Modine all-metal radiator in the 90Q?
>Does it fit without alterations to mounting, fan, etc.?
>Is the stock rad a 2 row?
>Is the Modine a three row?
>Know where I can get one for a 90Q in US or Canada (including phone number)?
>John (2 X 1988 90Q)

I got an all metal radiator for my CQ from GPR, number is on the list