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RE: mergers

> 1) Chrysler + Daimler .. done deal.  Even have the "DaimlerChrylser"
> banners hanging already on someone's building that they showed.
... it stated that both Boards of Directors had approved the merger ... all
that's left is a vote of the shareholders.  Although CNN echoed my thoughts
of yesterday (Jeep and Minivans for MBZ) ... upon further reflection I think
that Chrysler saw that developing a hybrid of the Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler
logos would allow them to trademark the "peace sign" and collect royalties
from whomever uses it ...

> 2) Rolls Royce rejected the BMW offer.  They are going with a higher offer
> from VW.
Ohmygod ... I hope that I Lopez didn't go to work for RR!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)