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Re: Mailserver-Umstellung

Try http://babelfish.altavista.digital.com/cgi-bin/translate?

It comes up with the following:

>Much geehrte(r) Mailuser(in), we become today in the Internet
Mailsystem >conversions make. Above all better periods of reply are to
be achieved by an >allocation of the servers on Neckarsulm and
Ingolstadt. These conversions >require however conversions on your page:
They will have to umkonfigurieren >after the conversions your
Mailprogramm (probable Netscape) on another >Mailserver. About the
individual steps we will inform you, if the conversion >took place. Its
Mailadresse, password, Weiterleitung(en), etc. was taken over >all from
the old system (status: 07,05,98, 08,30 o'clock). 
>If the conversion took place, we will inform you in a second Mail, what
for >modifications them to execute to have. 
>Yours sincerely Mailserverbetreuung 
>HP: Further inquiries please to webmaster@audi.de send. 

It didn't do it perfectly, but it will certainly get you past the
chicken biting stage.