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SAE articles on that center diff


I have not previously posted anything about this Tor*en love/hate
relationship, and not wanting to feel left out, here is a listing for an
SAE article I found that I will post more info on, once I dig out a copy
this afternoon....."maybe" it will provide some insight....

  Document Number:885140
  Title:The influence of a Torsen centre differential on the handling of
four-wheel drive vehicles
  Publication Date:1988
  Author(s):  Hei\gbing, B.; Bleck, U.; Bensinger, J.; M\axller, E.
  Meeting:22nd FISITA Congress (1988), Dearborn, Michigan, USA
  Book containing this paper(s):P-211
  Index Terms: Four wheel drive; Differentials; Torsion; Automobile
handling; Automobile tractive energy; Computer simulation
  Document Type:Technical Papers

Here is another article that may provide some information.

Document Number:940736
  Title:The new torsen II traction technology
  Publication Date:Feb 1994
  Author(s):Egnaczak, Bernard C.
  Organization(s):Zexel-Gleason Inc.
  Meeting: SAE International Congress and Exposition
  Meeting Location: Detroit, Michigan, USA
  Meeting Start Date:28 Feb 94
  Book containing this paper(s): SP-1032
  Index Terms: Traction control systems; Traction; Limited-slip
differentials; Torque sensors
  Document Type: Technical Papers

Scott Mo.
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