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Re: Rover meet Sterling - No Audi Content

Scott 20191668 Bermes <scottb2460@earthlink.net wrote:

>I was driving around Atlanta today and saw a good looking Rover sedan.
>The badge were numbers and I looked up Edmunds and Carpoint but they
>had  no information on the car. Anybody know about this car?

>I can't wait for another 6 years where that $40k car will be going for
>$7k with maybe two national parts distributors and no dealer network for
>parts or service.  Can you say, "Sterling"?

Rover 800: Glorified Honda Accord(?) w/lots of chrome & fake wood strips
Rover 600: Glorified Honda Civic w/lots of chrome & fake wood strips
Rover 400: Own design, getting there.

Engines: some Honda, some own designs.

Reliability: so-so, bordering on OK.

Still can't compete with Audi. Company now owned by BMW.


 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands
 1988 Audi 80 1.8S, mostly Tizianrot metallic, 219,000km

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