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RE: An end to the T**son thread - Beginning of another??

	>To get everyone's mind off the now defunct (I hope) arachnid
bites etc.,
	>I thought I might start up another old gem ... you guessed it
... OIL!

It isn't the Tor*en stuff that bothers me, it's the USELESS bickering.
Scott Mo. just posted some good data, presented in a non confrontational
way.  I like the tor*en info, but is seems, like with oil (but not
nearly so bad), we can't seem to 'all just get along'.  Agree to

I just particapated in a thread that about a CQ 20vt conversion.  We're
not in agreement about the cost.  So what?  We're also not fighting. 

I would appreciate the tor*en stuff to be posted as it comes along.  I
find it interesting.  However, all the B*llsh*t that comes along with it
gets a life of it's own, detracting from an interesting topic.  

I think it is more important to be happy than be right.

I will defend everyone's right to be wrong (including my own).  And just
to prove it, I give you the following;

Dino for dino fed cars, synthetic for new/rebuilds.

My .02

Gary M. Lewis
1986 5000   CS Turbo 5 Speed   195,000 miles 1.8 bar