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FS: 87 5kq

OK, my 5kq is offically for sale after 5/17 (I'll be out of town until
then). The car is Black, paint and body OK, interior is gray cloth. Mileage
is 112k I believe and the car runs and drives very well! --good points are:
New power steering rack (not re-built), front struts, new State inspection,
new tune-up with computer diagnostics and pin check, and oil service. The
diffs work well and there are no clunks or whines. The engine and trans are
100%. Bad points are: NO AC, although all the components are there. ABS is
not functioning, although regular brakes work well. Could use alignment as
it was not done since the shocks were installed. The car is not a
handfull!! It tracks almost perfect! Lastly, the tires are not great.
HOWEVER, included with the deal are (9) 15 inch OEM wheels. Four have reg.
dry tires (the ones that are not great) four have BLIZZAKS with only a few
hundred miles on them, and the last one is the spare which appears to have
never been used. 

The price right now is $3500. There is a gentleman in my area willing to
trade a Porsche 944 for it, and I'm thinking that might be quite
profitable, however, Id like cash right away and not have to deal with
selling another car. I'm located in Reading Pa. and delivery is available.
I'll be back after 5/17 and answer my mail then. 

1969 Vette Roadster
1977 DSP VW Scirocco 
1979 Zink Super-Vee
1984 Audi Quattro 4k
1987 Audi Quattro 5k
ummmm... what else????
... oh yeah, 1985 jetta turbo diesel!! ;)