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RE: Who makes Audi's CD-changer magazines?

> From:          quinn@hns.com
> To:            quattro@coimbra.ans.net, jenkinsg@pilot.msu.edu
> Cc:            quinn@hns.com
> Date:          Fri, 8 May 1998 10:59:10 -0400
> Subject:       RE: Who makes Audi's CD-changer magazines?

> Geoff Jenkins wrote:
> >I'd like to get a second (or third...) CD-changer magazine for the S4, but
> >the dealer wants a comical $90, ...
> >So, does anyone know what (if
> >any) non-Audi part would be comparable to the CD magazine for a 94 S4 (the
> 100 shares the same CD changer), Audi p/n: 4A5-035-210?

My 1993 S4 has a SONY changer, I bought a new magazine for it at the 
SONY store in Canada $40 Canadian (about $30.00 US) and the magazine 
looked identical except it has a SONY logo on it. 
Thomas A. Robbs
Milwaukee, WI
1988 90Q, 1993 S4