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CIS-E fixed on '87 4kq, winners listed


The culprit:  the CIS temp sensor, located in the _bottom_ of the
alumin(i)um neck which feeds coolant from the head into the top of the
radiator. Reading at 20 dC (pg 25.76 of Bentley is (not at all) helpful)
should be 2.5 kOhms. If the temp is "higher," the reading should be
"lower," and vice versa. No actual numbers given.

Both the new and the old (dead) sensor measured ~250 Ohms when hot. When
cold (26 dC), the new sensor measured 1900 Ohms, while the old sensor
measured 7 MOhms. $31 and 15 minutes later we're back on the road. :-)

Thanks to (no order):
Luis Marques
Eric Fluhr
Bruce Bell
Chris Semple
Stott Hare (who was 70% correct)

'87 4kq, no more cold-run diesel cloud