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low mileage

Hi List,

for half a year now my car has needed 10 percent more fuel than a year
ago. This is becoming expensive. I also notice that the engine is a
bit rough at idle and idle varies from 800-850. The exhaust is deep
black inside.

Last week I stopped by a garage to let them look for it. They told me
that the emissions were so bad it wouldn't even pass the emissions
test. They suspected a vacuum leak or a leak in the exhaust system but
couldn't find any and told be to bring the car in for 2-3 days. I
can't do that at the moment.

Today I remembered that somebody had once told me that I could check
for exhaust leaks by closing the exhaust end while the engine is
running. Ok, a friend of mine held a piece of rubber against the
exhaust while I laid under the car. Oooops - the engine didn't mind.
Same I5-sound as usual, no effect on idle. Just a hissing sound from
under the car, apperently after the catalytic converter, but I'm not

So question: Can this rise up fuel comsumption by 10%? It now needs
9,5-10 litres per 100 km (premium ROZ 95).

BTW, I once had the habit to drink a beer or two while fixing my cars.
With this car I'd really have a big round belly in the meantime if I
hadn't changed this.


_/_/_/_/_/ pepe@z.zgs.de \_\_\_\_\_