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trunk lock problems

OK, having figured out(I think) the low boost, I now need to figure out the

The button wouldn't work unless you turned the key to the
really-unlock-position and push in the button.  PITA since you need the
keys every time.  So, I took the access panel off, piece of cake, and
looked at the mechanism.  I finally figured out that the lock/unlock vacuum
actuator and its linkage aren't moving, and it seems like the cause is
right at the lock.  It pushes an arm over to engage the latch release arm
when unlocked, and when locked, the arm that hooks the button slides away
from the release arm catch, and the two won't engage, hence locking the car.

Here's the problem; I can't figure out how the actuator and arm got stuck
in the first place, no less how to get it moving again.  Won't budge at
all; I hooked up a hand vacuum pump to the actuator line, and it did
nothing, but I could see it trying to pull on the latch.

Anyone else had this problem?  If push comes to shove, I'll take it off the
car and look at it more closely, but it's hooked up to all sorts of things
including the alarm.  I do have most of tomorrow to fiddle with it...

Any BTDT's much appreciated!

91 200q

Brett Dikeman
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