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Rear ball joint seperation help please

hey all, im trying to diagnose why there is a huge amount of positive 
camber on my rear driver's side tire after my february accident.  i took 
off the rear brakes and dust shield.  Anyway, i havent looked at the 
other side so im not sure exactly what it looks like when its in good 
condition, but it lookes very bent, it is at an acute angle if looking at 
it from the back facing toward the front, but the other one kind of looks 
like that, so i dont know.

Anyway, i cant tell upon just looking at the stuff if anything is bent, 
but it really doesnt look like it...i really have no idea where the 
camber is coming from.

Maybe some of you on here know the most common thing to fail during an 
accident when its hit on the bottom like that, i would think its the ball 
joint, but i dunno.  The control arm and everything looks good, same as 
the tie rod...

And also, how do i get the control arm off of the ball joint?  I was 
pounding on it with a hammer and big screwdriver and trying to pry it off 
as i dont have a press or anything.  Is there anything else i can try?

Thanks in advance


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