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Re: Recent posts

Dennis - you want more?

I am on the list for only about two months now an I also think that
the technical problems, the 'Oh what have I done?', the 'Now it
happened to me' and the 'how many beers does it take to fix it' is
what binds people together and makes up the spirit of the list.
I have always enjoyed the long saturday afternoons with my brother,
fixing one of our cars, cursing and laughing, opening a beer when we
_thought_ the job was half-done. Last time we were fooled by the
control-arm-bushings. When you have them out, you have only finished
20% of the job. We spent 2 hours drinking, thinking and searching for
something to help us press the new bushings in. We finally did it with
the bench vise, two pipes on either side of the handle so it didn't
bend and a pipe connection for house water installation put between
the vise and the control arm.

Next thing is this fuel economy problem. I'll pull the codes and check
the O2 sensor next.

happy motoring,


'91 90 2.3E *non-torsen*
_/_/_/_/_/ pepe@z.zgs.de \_\_\_\_\_

>I was very encouraged & pleased to see two recent posts by Igor
>("distributor repair 101")and Peter Plangger ("low mileage").  This
is the
>light-hearted, sharing, informational "stuff" that I have come to
love on this
>I only recently came to the realization that Scott J. is in my
>area. Having considered flaming him, I'm now happy I deferred to a
more mature
>attitude of patience and understanding. Oh, to have a mere _portion_
of the
>technical and empirical expertise of the combatants in the recent
>unpleasantness!  (Intended with _true_ respect).  On Fri. (05/08), I
>promised myself that I would "unsubscribe". I had had enough of this.
>you Igor & Peter for restoring my faith in gearheads. I am now again,
>thought of not going as it wasn't worth the argumentative hassle)
planning to
>meet everyone on July 3rd in Colorado Springs.
>Has anyone thought about "nametags" at the Hotel?  I have only been
able to
>put a face on 3 list members and would like to make certain I improve
on that.
>Thank you Peter & Igor for instilling life in my "List-ness".  I have
>termed car repairs in factors of "# of Ales per job".  Maybe that's
why I like
>Audis. The ratio is higher (WC Fields- "carry a  small snake"
>Thanks again!
>Dennis Graber
>91 100
>85 CGT
>96 LT4
>PS  Looking for either early CGT or 4000 for 15 year- old daughter.
Hopful of
>buying Steve E.  CGT if he is willing. Would give her my Coupe and
use the Red
>CGT from Steve as _mine_!