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Re: Recent posts; or, "And now for something completelydifferent..."

Gruss Peter and Other Q-heads

Note:  I humbly apologize in advance for the complete absence of the word
"Torsen" in this message (other than in this sentence, of course.)

Peter Plangger" writes:

> I am on the list for only about two months now an I also think that
> the technical problems, the 'Oh what have I done?', the 'Now it
> happened to me' and the 'how many beers does it take to fix it' is
> what binds people together and makes up the spirit of the list.

I knew it *had* to be something other than the strong drugs and Rock 'n
Roll (of which there's been a downright disparaging dearth of around here,
recently.  But I digress...)

By the way, Welcome, Peter and other new arrivals!  Glad to have you with us!

The thing that yer kindly ol' Unka Bart enjoys the most about this list is
not the actual technical information itself, but the Spirit of Camaradie,
that which enduces the possessors of such information to share it with
those needing it.

(BTW, I just had to look-up the spelling of "camaradie" in Microsoft
Bookshelf, which shows up on my computerizer-thingie as "MS-BS."  The
appropriateness of which I shall, in gratitude, refrain from comment.
Oooops, there I go again...)

(Well, it's the 38th anniversary of my 21st birthday and wierd things just
seem to follow me around.  Take this message, for example... And on the day
I was actually born, a certain Adolph Schickelgrubber got so miffed at the
news, he paid an uninvited visit upon Poland.  Talk about over-reacting...)
(Or talk about digressing...)

> We spent 2 hours drinking, thinking and searching for
> something to help us press the new bushings in. We finally did it with
> the bench vise, two pipes on either side of the handle so it didn't
> bend and a pipe connection for house water installation put between
> the vise and the control arm.

I was holding my breath there, waiting for the part about the Putzfrau and
the portly Bishop, which I see that you, doubtless in deference to the
family atmosphere around here, have unfortunately decided to omit.

I would tell it myself, but I'm old, and I forget... And there is that
promise we made to the Bishop in return for his refusing to press charges...

But enough of this.  I would love to be able to tell you that I going to
take my Frau, the Faire Dora, out in the Pearl V8Q for a celebratory Lunch
where we would hoist a (number of) glass(es) to the conviviality of this
list, our good fortune in meeting a number of which, and fine Bayerisch
PKVs; but alas, I cannot.  I'm going to have to take her in the other car
from the next state west (of Bayern that is, not Maryland.  Is that a
digression too...?)

Why, one might ask in disbelief, would one take a Schwabisch rag-top out on
a rainy day when one had a perfectly good (not to mention, practically
V8Q with a manual transmission, sitting in the garage?  Good question.

Alas, in the process of repairing the foundation-walls of my house and
garage, the contractor (a fine, honest gentleman) decided that the concrete
edge of the garage needed repair as well, and did so just before leaving at
the end of the day on Friday, asking me to leave it undisturbed until
Monday.  Naturally, the only side needing repair was directly behind the
Audi.  It's a shame, really, we truly *are* having Quattroweather
("Donnerwetter"). (Gesundheit).

Actually, despite their (undeserved) reputation, tailwaggers *are* fun to
drive in the rain.  It's just that I *hate* to put the bloody top up...

Oh, by the way folks, anyone who writes me won't get a reply until probably
after the first of June.  I just got off the phone with my sis, who had
driven down from Indianna to my Mother's in South Carolina, last Thursday.
It seems I will be needed there on Monday, and the need will last until
shortly after the first of June.  Sorry 'bout that, but life happens.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers on the list; and the rest of you,
keep the rubber side down.

Yer kindly ol' Unka Bart