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Audi newbie

     Never saw this get to the list.  So I'm resending...

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Subject: Audi newbie
Author:  RobertR at Salestar-Access
Date:    5/7/98 2:06 PM

     That's me.  Is there a FAQ for this list?  I'm considering buying an 
     AWD vehicle as my daily driver/ski car to put the M3 in semi 
     retirement and I'm trying to decide between an early 80's Impreza or 
     Legacy or a mid-80's Audi quattro of some variation.
     Would anyone be willing to answer questions for me on or off line 
     regarding the differences between 100/200/4000/5000 and what makes a 
     car an S, or CS?  What about turbo longevity and insurance costs of a 
     turbo?  How about maintenance costs and typical problem areas?  I often 
     see 5KTQs for around $4-7K and 4000CSQ's for around $4K whaich is about 
     what I want to spend(91 Subaru Legacy L AWD run around $6K here).  I'm 
     always thinking that a 5K is too big- I live in SF and want a little 
     car that I can point and shoot and most importantly, park.  How about 
     engine output and acceleration information?  and ABS availability?  I'm 
     not looking for an Audi version of my M3 but I want to be able to merge 
     with freeway traffic...
     anyone own both an Impreza/Legacy and a quattro that has tips about 
     why the Audi was better? (I'm guessing that this list will be a bit 
     biased to Audis)