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Re: v rated tires


RE your recommendation of the Comp TA VR4. BTDT - here's my data point.

The BFG Comp TA VR4 is old tech in all-season. I had them in 205-55-16 on my
86 5ktq/91 200q. I replaced them with 225/50/16 Pirelli P7000 Supersports. The
Pirellis are superior in every way except turn-in. Turn-in is not as crisp,
but comfort is better, rain traction/hydroplane is vastly superior, snow grip
is better (better compound), sound is much lower, dry grip is better. I don't
know about wear yet, but the Comp TA gave ~40k of good hard driving, which is
pretty good for me. While they are 225 v. 205, the BFG 205's had the SAME
footprint as the 225 Pirellis. Very odd how the sizing is different across
brands. So, in short, if you switch from your current 195 to the BFG 205 you
would have the same footprint as the Pirelli 225. Strange. Makes no sense to
me. I lined up a Dunlop SP4000 as well, and that had a wider footprint than
either of the other two. It is also better than the Toyo all-season Z tire I
had on my 90 90q20v.

So, anyway, if you looking for the ultimate all-season performance, the
Pirelli SP7000 definitely beats the BFG Comp TA VR4, and according to what I
read, it is also superior to the Michelin MXZ4, Dunlop SP4000, Comp TA ZR4/VR4
etc. This is a Z rater, not a V. No all-season tires makes a great track tire,
but this appears to be the best. I realize you may not (can not?) be
contemplating going over 150 mph in the 100, but the stiffer sidewall will
improve the handling of your fwd significantly as well.

For wear, performance across seasons with light snow usage, the Pirelli P7000
Supersport appears to be the best thing going, all things considered.