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Re: 5kcstq Timing Belt Woes

> This is one woe I hope the list can quickly dispel!

> I had a heck of a time tryig to find TDC on this
> engine. When the mark on the crankshaft pulley
> lined up with the mark on the lower timing belt
> cover, I expected to see the dot on the back of 
> the cam gear line up at the top of the head. No,
> ok, it's 180-degrees out, turn it around, wait,
> where is the dot on the back of the timing gear,
> it's just not there at all... hmm, there it is,
> on the _front_ of the cam gear. I see red paint
> on it, and there is also a red paint mark on the
> rear timing belt cover. I line them up, and check
> the mark on the flywheel and its mate on the bell
> housing, and bingo! This looks like TDC.

Hmmmm.  First, the crankshaft pulley/timing cover marks
aren't to be believed.  Use the 0 on the flywheel
for an accurate TDC.

Secondly, the marks on the cam pulley vary.  Sometimes it's
a dot and somtimes it's more of a rectangular indentation.

You should also take the distributor cap off.  There is
a mark which the rotor should point to at TDC on cyl 1.
It serves as a sanity check for the cam markings when
disassembling.  Car no start if not pretty close on reassembling.

> Ok, now, the 2084 tool should just go right on there,
> should'nt it? Didn't work for me... had to rotate
> it beyond (or was it before) TDC to get the tool
> lined up with the harmonic balancer.

Not surprising given that the harmonic balancer doesn't
seem to line up too well.

> To make a long story short, I got the four allen-
> head bolts out of the pulley, then loosened the
> big bolt with my new 3/4" breaker bar, then

Should have left those bolts in while breaking the big
bolt loose.  I don't think you have to take them out,
the Bentley shows the harmonic balancer still attached
to the timing belt sprocket in the section on
replacing the timing belt.