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Brake probs

Jon writes:
>  When I say they stick, the brake pedal has a
>bout an inch more play than usual, and the pedal is a little harder to
>depress.  The assist system is in good working order, and I have just swapped
>hydaulic servos to see if the jam-up was in there. I know for a fact that it
>is not simply sticking calipers, as I have exhausted that end.  It seems as
>the master is not returning. Any BTDT on this? It is reeeealy driving me
>Not only that it is killing the wearables in the brakes.
> Thanks- Jon.
First do the ck on the hydraulic pressure accumulator (Da bomb)
Run car for 15 min
Shut off
Pump brake (count number of times you get assist with engine not running)
15-25+ is really good
less than 5 is really bad

Usually a bad MC will manifest itself with a pleasurable trip to the floor,
but could be MC.  ABS off could be as simple as realigning the abs sensors in
the wheels.  The plastic alignment caps are only about 2bux total from the

I presume "swapping hydraulic servo" to mean the hydraulic pump?  If so, you
either have a bad 'bomb' or a bad MC.  The bomb you can easily test for.  The
MC tends to be an elimination thing.  Bled the brakes recently?


Scott Justusson