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Re: 5k/100 eurolight plug source found...

>>semi-universal fit for various '87 through '94 GM cars so you might want to
>>visit a dealer and/or salvage yard first.
>as if you would put a used, brake fluid-soaked piece of rubber on your
>$500+ new euros to save $10...

You'd think ... that said, I'm continually amazed at what I see people do to
their cars (or should that be I'm continually amazed at what I see people's
mechanics do to their cars?).  I've been looking for a decent 4k for my
girlfriend (actually, I'm considering pretty much any Audi at the moment, so
long as it's cheap) and I have passed on every one I've found over the past
four months because a close inspection has turned up all sorts of kludges.
Personally, I'd rather buy a car that's in original condition but needs some
work than one that runs well (for the moment, anyway!) but has evidence of
corners being cut with what work has been done.  I guess by the time these
cars drop to the bottom of the food chain, just keeping them running is all
that matters...

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