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Re: UFO's + Struts

My mechanic pulled the engine out of a wrecked 72K mile '91 200TQ to
transplant into his '90 Coupe.  He asked me if I wanted anything off
the car, and I found that it had the dealer conversion kit for the
front brakes (441-615-301A rotors).  I picked up the entire front
suspension for $450 and removed it yesterday.

	Was it a wagon ?  Still looking for Blue Leather interior
	rear door panel and armrest :-)

I am going to replace the wheel bearings, machine the rotors and put
new pads and brake lines in.  I am planning on replacing strut
bearings and swapping out my struts and springs from the V8.  I have a
couple of questions about the swap.

Are spring rates and strut cartridges for the 200TQ and V8 the same?

	The front's struts are the same.  

Mike LaRosa  (978) 442-1250