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rough idle

Howdy all......

I'm currently resurrecting an 85 4kqs from the local Bug Shop bone pile. It
was wrecked a few times, but the rust prevention on these cars is
incredible. Car has approx. 100k+ miles (odometer gear busted or
disengaged). Recent work and mods include Boge Turbogas shocks, sport cam
from Blaufergnugen!, new lifters (6 were dead!) tune up (plugs, wires,
cap/button, fuel filters), K&N air filter.

My question is with the idle. Ever since I've owned the the car the idle has
fluctuated (when warm) between 500 and 1200 rpm when I come to a stop. Even
more noticeable now that the sport cam is in. We still need to mess with the
timing, but I think the oxygen sensor may be on the way out? How do I check?
What is the normal lifespan for an o2 sensor (I beleive mine is original).
Also, might the catalytic converter be on its way out/full of garbage (what
is normal life of cat?). I welcome input directly to me or via list. Thanks. 

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