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VW Group Getting Bought Out

Bruce Wrote:

>There was a rumor that VW might make an attempt at Chrysler, but a
>hostile would be a pita in that biz.  Look for VW to get swallowed, or
>to merge with a Japanese manuf.

VW is the number three manufacturer of cars in the world. That may be surprising as Toyota and Honda are  much bigger in terms of US marketshare, but worldwide VW is the bigger. They will not be taken over by any Japanese company because they are bigger than the Japanese companies. Daimler Chrysler is now #4 in size. Mergers have been speculated in the industry, to follow this move by D-C, but the quick ones will probably be Ford buying more of a share in Mazda, GM with Isuzu and perhaps Suzuki. Nissan looks small enough to still be in the running for a buyout, though to who I have no idea. Others in danger of merger are probably Mitsu (big parent company though), Volvo, Renault, Peugot, Citroen, the Fiat Group, Lamborghini, and Subaru. I have heard speculation on all but Subaru of this nature. None though have been in the interest of VW except Lambo which is probably a rumor based on the talks between Audi and Lambo regarding a working relationship on the new baby Diablo. This does not, though make a buyout. With the RR/Bentley acquisition all but okayed by the stockholders (June 7 I believe) the chances of Lambo getting acquired got even less.

As for VW looking at Chrysler, it really doesn't make too much sense. Though VW's US marketshare is not that strong, they are direct competitors with overlap, unlike MB-Chrysler where the only overlap is the Grand Cherokee M-Class setup. Sure Jeep and Dodge Truck might have been worth it, but with the cash being dumped on RR-Bentley, I doubt VW could pull off such a maneuver. 

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