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'86 Ur-Qs in North America


They do exist or a least did,  I have one of 6 imported to North America, I
understand one was sold in the US and 5 where sold in Canada.  Mine is red
with black interior.  I have met the previous two owners.  If any other
Canadian '86s are owned by or are known by list members I would appreciate
hearing from them.

BTW my '83 Ur-Q is still listed on the list classifieds.

Clarke Paynter
Halifax Nova Scotia Canada

RE: where are the 2 - '86 Urq's?

No. They do not exist. I have asked several times over the years and =
never has anyone been able to confirm this rumor. As of this point in =
time I believe this to be nothing more than a rumor unbased in fact. If =
you have one of them (86 US-spec ur-q) or know someone that does, and =
you have physically BTDT and seen and confirmed the year, please let us =

- -glen

Hi People,

Any one ever see one of the two 1986 Urq's that made it into North =

Scott McPherson