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Re: Electrical warning ?

On my old 5ks, the shop that did my timing belt broke the crank bolt free
by cranking with a 4 something foot breaker bar on it. There was one guy
in the engine compartment, one guy to crank. Cranked, then shut it off.
Twice. Broke the bolt free nicely. Now as far as the coil goes, they
diodn't disconnect it. I think you shouldn't disconnect the coil, but
rather, ground it. That'll probably avoid damaging it and the control
module. Imagine how much energy it takes to jump the gap from the coil to
a ground that's an inch away.

*Steve                                       Sachelle Babbar
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On Mon, 11 May 1998, Dave Conner wrote:

> A while back there was discussion about removing the crank pulley bolt by
> blocking a socket wrench and cranking the engine to break it loose...with
> the coil wire disconnected.
> But there's a warning in Bentley (ch 25)...
> "DO NOT crank engine with high tension lead disconnected"
> What is the risk?
> Is it likely that a voltage surge could fry something electrical?
> Dave Conner
> Columbus, OH