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Spun bearings/engine choices/etc...

Seems that my last post did not make it as I don't see in the
archives nor did I receive it myself, so I'll try again...

I posted before about big-end bearings prob I had with my '84 5K and 
the possible routs that I am considering now. I am also converting
to stick at the same time. Since the back of the auto crank can't take
a pilot bearing I figure it would be easier to just replace the whole
motor at this time. I don't think I want to attempt a turbo conversion
so aside from that what are the better choices for blocks (audiDudi
planned to use a diesel block ...why?) cams/compression/pistons/etc.

Any and all help will be very appreciated. (I am at the point where I 
have made too many mistakes to go back ;-(  )

I talked to Bruce @ Overland Parts and Dave @ Sport wheels and they both
were of great help, I just wanted to get a second oppinion...

My choices now are a used engine from a local junk yard for a little over
$200 or a new short block from Bruce (w 10:1) for probably around $900
all told (after my latest conversation with Dave).

Please help me cut down the future mistakes ;-)