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Re: A4 belly pan is Satan's work!

I've heard of people cutting a hole in the belly pan where they could
access the oil filter and drain pan plug.  This would be a good idea,
especially if you put the cut out on hinges with a latch; that way you would
still have the plastic cover all in tact.

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From: Steve Manning <stephenm@ix.netcom.com>
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Date: Monday, May 11, 1998 7:39 PM
Subject: A4 belly pan is Satan's work!

>So I thought Audi would have made some progress from the '88 90q to the '97
>A4tq.  Like the irritating, easy to break, crack prone, screw-stripping,
>clumsy, awkward belly pan would be a far better engineering achievement on
>the A4.
>The A4 belly pan is worse.  Far worse.  More points of attachment (10 vs
>8)!  Two different types of attachment devices!  Even clumsier!  Almost
>impossible to attach gracefully by just one person!
>Arrrrrrgggghhhhhh!!!!!!  And you can still strip the screws!
>OK.  I feel better now.  It no longer bothers me that it takes 3.2 minutes
>to change the oil on my 200, and an hour on the A4 (56.8 on taking the
>belly pan off and on)....nope, doesn't bother me a bit..........SLM
>P.S.  If anyone has come up with a trick to making this easier I'm open to
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