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Well, Rob was right;also, request from Linda@Carlsen

In message <v04003a0ab17d2a4aab5a@[]> Brett Dikeman writes:

> Oh, and I called "Linda" and Carlsen today to aquire a good WGFV.  She was
> very helpful, but "I'm cranky 'cause you don't have a part number!"
> Jovial, good humored, and went out of her way to see how low she could go
> from the $70-80 for the valve, which is named an Electro-Change-Over-Valve;
> she started on a flurry of calls without my even saying a word, on another
> phone while I listened...everyone was off to lunch though.
> Here's Linda's request:
> "Now MEMORIZE that damn name!" :)
> Linda: "Why do they call it that?  It's a wastegate frequency valve!  Arg!"

Actually, it isn't.  If you look on the underbonnet sticker, the
original German is "Elektro-Umschaltventil" or something very similar.
A frequency valve only has one input.

 Phil Payne
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