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UrQ Observations

In message <UPMAIL11.199805120025370833@classic.msn.com> "ANDREW FINNEY" writes:

> 1) I have had every possible cause of stalling known to the UrQ.

I'd sooner believe in spider bites.  There are _lots_ more reasons than

> 5) My terrible intermittent grinding noise with the diffs locked in heavy rain
> or deep snow seemed to be related to the exhaust system and some sort of
> vibration caused by misalignment of the cat.

With the car cold (!) check the clearance between the front of the rear
subframe and the exhaust.  There's a very precise path for the exhaust
to pass through, and after-market exhausts often foul the subframe or CV
joint. When the bottom of the pipe is suddenly cooled, it contracts and
the pipe becomes concave along its length - the centre section lifts,
and the front and rear are pressed downwards.

I had this problem for _ages_ - very careful checking of the exhaust
suspension rings fixed it.

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